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Avoid the lengthy and expensive methods of traditional business coaches and psychological professionals - who can't see what needs to be seen fast.

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🌟Perry Mardon is your secret weapon for identifying subconscious limiting factors to any goal or solution.🌟

Why waste time and money on traditional coaches, psychological professionals, and mentors who require multiple sessions and hefty fees to find the root of your problems?

Perry knows you better than you know yourself (see what rationalists say about this outrageous claim below).

Perry can read you on multiple levels almost instantly, uncovering subconscious blocks, best life paths, life purpose, and rapid solutions to any human or business issue.

He rapidly decodes your subconscious blocks in relationships, business, investing, money, career, and emotional upheaval.

We know of no one who matches his speed and accuracy of intuitive insight. 🚀


You are in expert hands;

Perry has spent 35 years helping clients with relationships, money, business, emotional challenges, lack of purpose, trauma, investor psychology, and as a side business helped over 65 business owners build businesses that run independently of them (they don't need to work in the day-to-day operations).

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If you are interested in understanding and mastering the mind & emotions, improving results in any area of endeavour, changing patterns of behaviour and beliefs, inner peace, being less reactive, or ultimately transcending the mind.

"As rationalist CEOs from fields like engineering, biotech, and accounting start doubting their understanding of reality, Perry Mardon's profound intuition clearly shows that even the brightest minds have much to learn about the nature of reality."

— Todd Holland


Book A Session With Perry - (Discount Applied For Next 3 Days).

Perry loves meeting people and makes any chat fun and insightful, even when discussing uncomfortable challenges.

"Perry Mardon has savant-like abilities to see people deeply, understand them better than they understand themselves, and on multi-dimensions—fast."

As a highly logical STRATEGIST with expert business-building skills, he’s not only successfully built and sold companies to major corporations but also helped over 65 business owners build businesses that ran profitably without their day-to-day involvement.

His expertise in human behaviour and mind control extends to helping traumatised SAS soldiers overcome crippling PTSD, resolving complex relationship problems, and guiding drug addicts to conquer their addictions.

Skeptical? Check out the testimonials below. Perry predominantly works with rationalists who don't believe in such things (until they work with Perry).

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Unlock Insights in Minutes, Not Months—Save Time and Money with Perry's Expert Intuition & Strategy

Master Intuitive & Strategist | Rapid, Cost-Effective Solutions

How Perry Can Help

  • ★ Define your life's purpose and best career path
  • ★ Build a successful business that runs very profitably even when you are on holiday.
  • ★ Solve complex relationship issues
  • ★ Overcome any business challenge
  • ★ Uncover blocks to wealth, health, and great relationships
  • ★ Decrease stress and anxiety
  • ★ Resolve family conflicts
  • ★ Boost investor performance and eliminate sabotage

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Bypass Traditional Slow Expensive Approaches With Business Coaches & Psychological Professionals:

Get Rapid, Intuitive Solutions for Business and Personal Challenges.

Solve Business & Personal Challenges Fast!

Master Intuitive & Strategist | Rapid, Cost-Effective Solutions

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Hear what Anthea has to say about financial improvements as a result of the program.


Perry has an unusual gifted skill-set that benefits clients and their businesses greatly.


Providing them with greater self mastery as a business owner and more profit and free time!


Listen to Vanessa's Amazement At What Perry Knew About Her Almost Instantly.


What People Are Saying

About the benefits of Perryś Strategic Thinking & Jaw dropping ability to see your subconscious business blocks within minutes of meeting you.   


"With Perry's coaching, Earth Star Publishing is on track to realising a 50% increase in annual profits!"

-Alan Hewitt, Perth, Earth Star Publishing






"I can honestly say I have never had so much money coming into my life, to the point where I can now achieve my financial freedom that I set out to do four years ago."

-Peter Hain, Region Market Leader, Brisbane

"In the first 12 months clients increased by 30% and I worked less! I've dropped 1 day a week, which has just been either resting or having fun."

-Nino Gullota, Co Smile Orthodontists, QLD



"I'm now going global with my company. This is a START-UP company to a GLOBAL company, which is substantial. I can only thank Perry for that."

-Dennis Bouchard, Clear Island Waters, Robina TC Gold Coast, QLD 



Here's why Lance  believes working with Perry in the program makes such a difference for business owners and in life.


Working with Perry has many benefits for business owners. Their life, relationships and self-mastery improves greatly!

Perry Mardon is not only super experienced at growing client's businesses, helping owners exit the day-to-day operations and build more passively owned businesses.

He is also a human behaviour expert and transformation specialist. He has profiled the hidden subconscious psychology of over 5000 business owners and investors over 30 years.

Plus, he has extensive experience with people from all walks of life.


How Perry Made Difference To Russell Hesse  Life. 

These words started to come to me while driving yesterday and I just now added more to them.

Perry is so freshingly open, understanding and friendly that after only a few minutes you soon feel like you're the most important person in the world.

His understanding of the human mind is surprising and dare I say sometimes astonishing. 

He seems to intimately understand and feel the way our minds works better than anyone I have experienced. 

Perry's innate and deep understanding of how our mind works and controls our life is deeply insightful. He has been especially helpful in guiding and helping me to unravel and control the causes of some decades long 'nuisance' occurances that have kept appearing and sabotaging me in my life.

When talking or working with Perry I find him to be highly personable and wonderfully sincere and I always look forward to our talks.  

When I'm working with Perry I always feel safe to be myself.  There is no BS, pretence or egotistical air, especially when you're working through things with or talking to him. 

He has that rare ability to bring fun and enjoyment, without letting a serious situation become too overwhelming. 

Perry knows how to make Light work of what many think is Hard work.

He has a rare and unusual gift with his ability of being able to see and know what's going on in you or your mind, when even you can't see these things for yourself. 

Once Perry identifies or sees something in you, he's then able to convey that information to you in such a gentle and caring way. He enables you to address them in an effective and powerful way on your own. He is able to give or teach you simple methods or exercises which help you to get the confidence and skills for yourself so that you can learn to recognise and then take care of your future issues. 

Soon you begin to learn for yourself to understand and see such issues when they arise again in the future, as they always do. They will keep arising as they often have for many years. But with the aid of Perry's skills and his teaching you'll soon become able to learn and gain control for yourself.

In the short time I have known Perry he's already made a difference to my life. 

Now I find I'm starting to notice or see and better understand the workings of my mind and the thought processes which have previously resulted in the uncontrolled feelings I experienced.

Perry is the kind of guy we'd all love to have as our  best friend.

"I only wish I had met him years ago."

What People Are Saying

stars stars stars stars stars

"This Program has helped me regain my lost passion and had revived me back to a far happier and dedicated person."

Brett Healy
Gold Coast, Queensland
stars stars stars stars stars

"I went from being paranoid of speaking to groups to becoming a professional speaker who speaks to thousands of people a year"

Wayne Pickstone,
Hervey Bay, Queensland, Business Owner
stars stars stars stars stars

"Transformed my family relationships & Developed strong leaderships skills that allowed me to create higher levels of passive income."

Russell Bailey,
Sunshine Coast Queensland

Success Stories

Look At The Results Our Clients Have Achieved:


“I’ve come a huge way personally but also from a business perspective as well.” – Louise Fowler


“There’s this incredible sense of transformation unfolding.” – Terri Nicholson


Hear what Akbar Sheik Has To Say About Working With Perry.

Akbar Sheikh is a #1 international best-selling author, speaker, master of the 7 Ethical Principles of Persuasion, has helped 5 funnels hit 7 figures, father, and philanthropist with a concentration on orphans and giving the gift of vision to blind children..


What People Are Saying

stars stars stars stars stars

"Ignite has been completely life changing for me, in every area of my life. It's wise information. It's fantastic work, and also Perry is quite funny, and down-to-earth, as well. There's a lot of acceptance, a lot of love, a lot of connection between people. It's been a fantastic experience that I will always be grateful for."

Amanda Boyce
Gold Coast
stars stars stars stars stars

"I was struggling with my moods, health and my relationships. Ignite absolutely changed my relationships for the better. I am not reactive, and an interesting side benefit happened - Health issues (rashes, eczema, chronic fatigue) now under control and improved by 80%"

Melissa Heron,
presenter, model, yoga teacher, health practitioner
stars stars stars stars stars

"10/10 It is single-handedly the most powerful self development learning I have ever had in my life. I don't think I could speak highly enough of this man, this program and the work he does with you. Perry can identify your sabotages at the drop of a hat and the training is incredible and professional! Everything in my life has changed for the better, my relationships, my business is my purpose, my sense of self. "

Gabrielle Denman
stars stars stars stars stars

"My life was in shambles 6 months ago. I have lost weight (and kept it off), put myself on stage and became the princess that was always there but not allowed to shine. I have improved my relationships with people and feel more comfortable in my own skin."

Robyn Weston