Perry Mardon Founder Of Passive Business Formula 


Perry Mardon is a Human Behaviour, Business Expert and TEDx conference speaker who has 20 years experience helping business owners build very profitable businesses that run independently of the owner. Perry's philosophy is 'financial wealth + free time = quality lifestyle'.

Perry boasts an equally extensive career counselling individuals across a spectrum of issues, including drug addiction, marital problems, teen challenges, criminal behaviour, and the trauma of undercover police work. He is a very experienced facilitators you'll encounter.


A highly sought-after speaker, Perry has captivated audiences for top Australian companies like Wella, World Wide Salon Marketing, ANZ Bank, Action International, BMW Australia and many more.

He is a multiple business owner, and runs advisory services. 


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Perry's Rare Talent - A Clients Advantage.


Perry is not only a gifted business strategist who has helped over 65 business owners build very profitable businesses that run independently of the owner.

Plus helped hundreds of business owners work far less and make way more profit  (see below), he has a rare talent, like the character played by Simon Baker from the show The Mentalist.

Perry can read you - so be prepared to be seen on every level, subconscious, unconscious, personality and soul. 

He can look at someone and without hardly a word spoken, identify the subconscious blocks limiting their business success and their natural gifts and purpose.


This saves businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars, hours of time, and speeds up their ability to achieve their profit aims.

A testament to his effectiveness and the outcomes he achieves for his clients is that, aside from a 10-year apprenticeship under his mentors in the Taoist and psychodynamic traditions, Perry holds no formal qualifications.

Yet, for over three decades, he has been recommended and endorsed through hundreds of networks, all attesting to his remarkable skills with people and in business.

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Perry's Specialty.


Perry has helped  hundreds of business owners build more profitable businesses that can run more independently of the owner OR COMPLETELY Independently in 65 happy business owner cases.

Giving them more profit and time to live an exceptional lifestyle.


He has created blue printed IP, including recruitment and accountability systems for getting out of the day-to-day operations and building a more passively owned business, that his clients follow to achieve a self managed business.


Intellectual know how won¬īt get the client new results without a change in their personal consciousness.

Perry helps clients make profitable shifts in consciousness with a finely honed coaching and facilitation background.

At 17, due to severe childhood experiences, Perry was in Juvenile detention for violence and anti-social behaviour.

Due to severe emotional issues, Perry could not hold on to any relationship. His violence would destroy everything.

Perry was trained in a mind control, personal, and spiritual development process  within the taoist and psychodynamic evaluation by his teachers for over 10 years from the age of 19 for obvious transformations.

Perry has stabilised oneness experiences that take him beyond ego identity for months at a time.

He has taught and practised this process for over 35 years in his inner entrepreneur teachings.

Plus he has worked with every kind of human being - traumatised SAS soldiers, undercover detectives, junkies, violent criminals, sexual assault victims, criminals, prostitutes, moms and dads, celebrities and CEOs etc


Perry was fortunate in working for his mentors, generationally wealthy Americans who preferred sailing, surfing and skiing to work.

Perrys role - operations manager ensuring their multiple business interests ran smoothly without them.

He has taught and practised what he learned from his mentors for 30 years.

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We have hundreds of clients feedback regarding results...Just ask and you can see them all.

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Riding the Waves of Resilience: Perry's Journey from Trauma to Tranquility


In 2019, Perry faced a life-altering moment when a surfing accident on a reef in Aceh, Indonesia, left him with a severe skull injury.

The aftermath of this incident was daunting; within two years, Perry found himself with only partial control over the left side of his body.

The following three years marked a significant shift in his life‚ÄĒonce an emblem of vitality and adventure, Perry could no longer engage in physical activities or travel for more than 30 minutes without his nervous system spiraling into trauma.

His once-expansive and sporty lifestyle was replaced by a relentless battle with chronic pain, a companion that offered no break, day or night.

Yet, Perry chose a path less traveled by many. Determined not to succumb to a life governed by painkillers, he turned inward, deepening his meditation practice to an almost constant endeavor.

This period of intense reflection and mindfulness brought about profound transformations in Perry's life, offering him insights into the power of a silent, peaceful mind, free from complaints and unrest.

Miraculously, this journey through meditation not only reshaped Perry's approach to life but also his physical capabilities.

Today, Perry has made a remarkable return to many of the activities he once cherished, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative potential of meditation in facing life's most challenging obstacles.

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Perry - Up Close & Personal


Hi, I am Perry Mardon, an entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, father and the founder of Passive Business Formula (here with the love of my life Ann Maree).

Before recession busting I transformed overwhelmed business owners into 7-figure CEO's...using my proven '4-Step Freedom Formula' that enables you to scale for profit, work 50% less hours and build a dream team of high performers around you. 

Here is how all this started...and how I can help you achieve the same.  

At 18, I moved to Hawaii to do one thing - surf! That is where I met my 'surf and ski bum' business mentors that changed my life. 

They were both in their 40's, they surfed, skied, and travelled constantly with their families - and had far, far more money than I did or anyone I knew.

They were the first people I met who had built businesses that enabled them to live their passions and life purpose.  

Through our relationship they taught me how to build any business to run independently of myself, so that I could build the same lifestyle!

I took their teaching and developed it further working with 100's of business owners around the world, refining the process into a proven system - my '4-Step Freedom Formula' (that we now teach our clients).


This system has personally enabled me to build multiple successful businesses at the same time as enjoying the freedom to surf, sail and travel all over this wonderful planet with my family - while my businesses didn't just run, but thrived without me!

When I do choose to work it's doing exactly what I love; face-to-face with the people I love (our clients), running mastermind groups, training and mentoring - sharing this freedom generating information.


Stopping their STRESS - and gaining them freedom from the hamster wheel of their businesses!

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