Ep 1: Hidden World OF Subconscious Belief System Sabotage (Case Study)

May 21, 2024

In this debut of Notes From The Field, master intuitive and strategist Perry Mardon explores the hidden world of subconscious beliefs that shape our lives.

Meet a business owner who appears successful—running a well-known business and exuding confidence—yet struggles with debt and unfinished projects. Discover how his childhood beliefs sabotage his business, wealth, and life, and learn to break free from these invisible chains.

If you're interested in human behaviour, consciousness, achieving deep peace while performing highly, and creating fulfilling results, this episode is your gateway to understanding and overcoming subconscious blocks, leading to greater self-mastery.


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Achieving results beyond your subconscious beliefs is rare. Subconscious fears or negativity about a goal alter your behaviour and results, often leading to self-sabotage without you realising it.

Notes from the field provide practical solutions to identify and overcome these subconscious barriers, enhancing success in all areas of life, including business, health, relationships, wealth, investing, and family life. The teachings guarantee a path to more wisdom, love, and peace.  



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