Free Yourself From your MIND'S Bullshit  And Achieve Greater Results  In Any Area Of Endeavour.


Create outstanding result, achieve goals without all the angst, fear, self doubt, inner turmoil. In fact 'achieve' from a state of deep love peace and grace with no attachment to outcome. When you KNOW you are a limitless being in a human body and personality, the game of life takes on a movie like quality - and you are set up to ACT and PLAY free of fear!

We hope this message finds you well. We are excited to announce a new initiative that we believe will greatly benefit you, if you suffer from blocks impacting the creation of your dream results. 

Introducing our Daily Spiritual and Mind tools Practice and Accountability Group called FREEDOM From Your Minds Bullshit —a unique opportunity to achieve better results in any endeavour while experiencing more peace and joy.

We will also guide you in transcending the usual attachment to the personal mind—the ego identity shaped by your past experiences and conditioning. This mind constantly chatters, urging you to worry, complain, criticise, judge, play superior/inferior games, fear, project, desire, desire and feel arrogant.

It's a neurotic voice filled with aversion, inadequacy, and repetitive thinking. This mental turmoil undermines your joy, love, peace, and ability to create successfully. Our practices will help you move beyond this personal mind, enabling you to engage the strategic mind that solves problems and fosters growth.

Join Our Daily Practice and Accountability Group (Free for existing program members and clients - and next to nothing $ for newbies).

We have created a  messenger and Facebook group where Perry Mardon will record a ten-minute audio each morning.

These recordings will include daily spiritual and mind training practices and challenges, acting as a reminder of the practices you need to use moment-to-moment—a prompt for self-accountability and guidance. I will be running weekend meditation hours to help and fine tune you.

What Right Does Perry Have to Teach This Group?

Your teacher, Perry Mardon, is a 40-year trained meditator from the Taoist tradition and a facilitator in psychodynamic traditions. Perry has transformed his life from being very violent and spending time in juvenile detention to becoming a kind and loving family man and successful business person.

Perry experiences stabilised states beyond the personal ego/mind, much like the states described in Zen, Buddhist, and Christian texts. His profound ability to read a person without knowing anything about them—including professionals such as accountants, lawyers, and engineers who typically emphasise logic—is proof of the extraordinary abilities accessible to those who transcend their personal mind/ego structure.

Perry’s journey and his deep understanding of meditative practices enable him to guide others effectively on their path to self-mastery and profound personal transformation.

The program is free for members and private clients. For those interested in joining only the 'Freedom From Your Mind's Bullshit' group, the cost is $15 per week.

Existing Program Members - Get Access To Your Daily Practices By Audio
For those interested in joining only the 'Freedom From Your Mind's Bullshit' group, the cost is $15 per week

Purpose of the Group

Behavior Transformation and Goal Achievement

Our group will help you hold yourself accountable with daily practice reminders. You’ll receive tips and practices daily and be invited to member only meditation training designed to transform your behaviors and habits, achieve your goals, and develop greater self-mastery through witness consciousness—the silent observer prior to the mind/ego structure. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Witness Awareness: Learn to observe your thoughts, personality, and beliefs without identifying with them.
  • Stop Limiting Behaviors: Identify and eliminate behaviors that hold you back.
  • Change Unwanted Beliefs: Transform beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Create Superior Results: Achieve better outcomes in any area of life, including investing and business.
  • Improve Performance: Enhance your performance in all endeavors.
  • Overcome Reactive Emotional Patterns: Develop mastery over emotional reactions.
  • Self-Mastery: Realize your full potential and actualize your gifts.
  • Decrease Emotional Disturbances: Reduce the impact of emotional disturbances on your mind.

Spiritual Deepening

At advanced stages of practice, you’ll experience profound truths pointed out by all mature religious and spiritual traditions. For example, you’ll embody the wisdom of “being in the world, but not of it” and experience the “inner peace that passeth all understanding.” This includes:

  • Deepen into Witness Awareness: Exist in the consciousness prior to mind, capable of observing the mind but not identified with it.
  • Dis-Identification from Mind and Personality: Move beyond identifying with the mind and personality.
  • Deep Peace: Experience a consistent state of deep peace, free from aversion, fear, and self-doubt.
  • Natural Arising Love: Love arises naturally, not as a byproduct of any external event, but as your true essence.
  • Unblocked Creativity: When you transcend the ego mind, you naturally play, are more productive and creative, as there is no self-doubt, fear of failure, or fear of what people will think. You become an unblocked creator, with no chains or anchors.
  • Oneness Experiences: Experience a profound sense of oneness and unity with all.

The program is free for members and private clients.

For those interested in joining only the 'Freedom From Your Mind's Bullshit' group, the cost is $15 per week.

Existing Program Members - Get Access To Your Daily Practices By Audio
For those interested in joining only the 'Freedom From Your Mind's Bullshit' group, the cost is $15 per week

Why You Need This

Most people forget to do the important spiritual and awareness practices required to change behaviour because they get caught up in their day-to-day life. They don't have someone reminding them—and this is what this group does for you with constant prompts and tips.

Perry has a moment-to-moment practice that is now second nature and a living habit. It happens easily and naturally, and the benefits are so great that he would never change a thing. However, at the start, you have to use will and discipline to make this happen. Think about meditators who do long retreats, and then when they get back to normal life, they don't change. Many people Perry knows fall apart under the pressure of any stress.

Perry teaches meditative, awareness, and mindfulness approaches that you use in each moment to withdraw power from the personal mind. This way, you become an effective creator, unburdened by the personal, fearful, wounded, belief-filled mind.

Who Is This For?

This is for anyone tired of the litany of coaches and spruikers marketing surface-level change and transformation techniques (that don't work in the long term and who are ready to embrace a profound practice that works and stands up to intellectual inspection. It's for you if you want better results in business, relationships, investing, purpose, self-actualisation, health, and mental well-being.

If you want to get free of blocks and enjoy peace and love as a living reality, this group is for you.

What Mind Are We Transcending with These Practices?

We aim to transcend the addiction to the personal mind—the ego identity formed by your personal history and programming. This mind doesn’t stop talking, urging you to worry, complain, criticise, judge, fear, project, desire, and feel arrogant. It’s a neurotic voice full of aversion, feelings of inadequacy, and loop thinking. It’s a torture machine that impacts joy, love, peace, and successful creating. We’ll transcend this personal mind, shifting towards using the strategic mind that solves problems and evolves conditions.

What Happens When You Transcend the Personal Mind?

As experienced by long-term meditation practitioners and pointed out by major spiritual traditions, transcending the personal mind frees you from its limiting beliefs and fears. Your personal narrative and stories disappear, allowing a higher form of creative expression based on your personal dharma. Intelligence and intuition merge, leading to deep, ongoing peace and the ability to use your mind effectively without being controlled by it.

Why is This Approach So Effective?

Most personal development practices are ineffective, sold en masse to the unsuspecting with promises of quick results. They are based on the personal mind trying to fix itself—an impossible task. In contrast, our approach transcends the personal mind, creating space for your natural evolution. Quality psycho-technologies and practices from ancient spiritual and religious traditions will guide you to deep inner work and transformation.

Perry's Personal Journey

First Stage: Perry used these practices to overcome extreme levels of violence and rage, end a family pattern of anxiety, and build a fulfilling life. I achieved self-mastery, created great relationships, and built businesses.

Second Stage: Years of practice led to constant inner peace and self-acceptance. Perry stabilised in non-identification with the ego, allowing him to run three businesses stress-free. Even on his worst days, he remains less identified with the mind and personality, with old patterns clearing over time.

How Does It Work?

Once you submit your details, Paula, Perry's PA, will connect with you and get you into the Free Yourself from Your BULLSHIT messenger group. You’ll receive daily audios with practices and challenges, along with the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback.

Join Us

I’m confident that these daily practices will support you in achieving greater self-awareness, peace, and efficiency. If you’re interested in joining this free group, please provide your information, and we will set it up for you.

The program is free for members and private clients.

For those interested in joining only the 'Freedom From Your Mind's Bullshit' group, the cost is $15 per week.

Existing Program Members - Get Access To Your Daily Practices By Audio
For those interested in joining only the 'Freedom From Your Mind's Bullshit' group, the cost is $15 per week