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Get An Edge With Clients, Staff Or Sales

with Intuitive Mastery Training.

Step into the Intuition Lab, where learning transcends traditional boundaries through a dynamic and experimental approach. This unique program is specifically crafted for those eager to dive deep into the realm of intuition, offering a platform for exploration and discovery.

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 Perry Mardon

Who Benefits From Intuition Laboratory?

Introducing a transformative Intuition Training programme, meticulously crafted for a wide array of professionals including managers, facilitators, trainers, coaches, counsellors, psychological specialists, as well as business owners and salespeople.

Our unique programme is designed to equip you with the ability to rapidly decipher subconscious and unconscious beliefs and behavioural drivers in anyone quickly.

Join us every Friday from 12:30 to 1:30 pm AEST—recordings available for those unable to attend live—to harness these pivotal skills.

For Coaches, Trainers, Counsellors, and Psychological Specialists:

Accelerate Client Success, Gain a Competitive Edge, and Boost Your Earnings

Deepen Your Impact:

Gain profound insights into your clients, allowing you to guide them more effectively through their challenges and towards realising their fullest potential. Understand them better than they understand themselves, enhancing your ability to facilitate growth and transformation.

Accelerate Client Understanding:

Instantly access crucial information about your clients, like subconscious blocks, behavioural patterns contributing to issues, or their best life path, significantly speeding up the assessment process and enabling more effective interventions.


For Business People and Sales Professionals:

Enhance Decision-Making, Build Strong Teams, and Increase Sales Effectiveness

Optimise Your Hiring Process:

Never make a bad hire again by understanding the true capabilities and intentions of your candidates, ensuring you build your team with the right people from the start.

Detect Dishonesty:

Know when you are being lied to and gain the upper hand in negotiations and team management by understanding the true intentions behind the words.

Develop Effective Teams:

Empower and grow your team members by identifying and nurturing their potential, fostering a collaborative and productive environment.

Master the Art of Sales:

See subconscious objections and know precisely how to communicate to them, building trust and establishing yourself as a trusted advisor without resorting to hard sales tactics.



Listen To Chad's  View Of Perry's People Reading & Abilities 


What Can You Expect In Intuition Lab?

Our Intuition Training Program is designed with an open-ended enrollment, allowing you to join at any time and stay for as long as you wish. With a curriculum that offers endless opportunities for learning and self-mastery, it's no wonder that many of our participants choose to stay with us for an extended period.

Endless Learning and Self-Mastery:

Dive into the depths of self-mastery, a journey without a defined end. Our participants often find themselves captivated by the endless learning opportunities, choosing to remain engaged long-term as they continue to uncover new layers of intuitive understanding and personal growth.

Self-Mastery Practices:

Each session is built around powerful self-mastery practices. These practices are carefully designed to help you quieten the mind, overcome personal biases, and cultivate a state of neutrality. It is in this state that you become truly capable of accessing and honing your deep intuitive awareness.

Experiential Intuition Practices:

Alongside self-mastery, our sessions focus on experiential intuition practices. These hands-on experiences are crucial for transforming theoretical knowledge into practical intuition skills. You will learn to navigate and trust your intuitive insights, applying them in both personal and professional contexts.


Personalised Learning Journey:

We recognise that everyone's journey to intuitive mastery is unique. Some may be naturally gifted, swiftly grasping and applying intuitive insights, while others transition from a mindset of logic to feeling and awareness.

Our program is designed to accommodate and nurture your individual path, ensuring that no matter where you start, you will evolve and grow in your intuitive capabilities.

Expect to embark on a mysterious and transformational journey, where the only constant is your ongoing development and mastery of self and intuition.

Whether you're seeking to deepen your self-awareness, enhance your professional skills, or both, our Intuition Training Program offers a comprehensive and evolving path tailored just for you.


A solid background in personal development is essential for effective intuition training, as true intuitive insight requires a mind free from bias, judgment, and preconception.

Belief biases can warp intuition, transforming it into mere projection. Understanding and overcoming these biases through rigorous self-mastery is crucial for developing genuine intuitive capabilities.

Applicants lacking a significant history of personal development work are encouraged to join our Psychonauts group, where they will receive training in self-mastery and self-actualisation to clean up their biases. Combining this with our Intuition Training program, both can be accessed for $100.

Please detail your personal development experiences when you apply, so we can tailor the training to your needs

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Begin Your Journey to Intuitive Mastery Today

Join our Intuition Training Program without any long-term commitments. With no locked-in contracts, we're confident that the profound insights and practical skills you'll gain will naturally encourage you to continue. Our program is led by a world-leading master intuitive, who will guide you through the complexities of human behaviour and the subtleties of subconscious understanding.

Risk-Free Investment:

Enrol with an investment of just $57 per week. Plus, experience the full benefits of our program with a 3-week trial. If you're not completely satisfied, you can opt out and receive a full refund—no questions asked. And as a token of our commitment to your growth, keep the workbooks and any other materials you've received, ensuring there's no risk to you.

This program is not just an educational course; it's an investment in transforming your life. You'll learn more about the power of consciousness, intuition, and their application in everyday situations. From day one, you'll receive comprehensive workbooks and an audio program to accelerate your learning and support your journey towards becoming an intuitive master.

Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to deepen your understanding of yourself and others, applying these insights to foster success and true fulfillment. Enrol now and take the first step on a journey that promises to be as rewarding as it is enlightening, with zero risk and all to gain.

 Steps to Join  Intuition Lab!

  1. âś“ Sign Up and Set Up Your Payment Subscription:
    Begin by signing up and setting up your weekly payment subscription of $57. You can take advantage of our 3-week trial period, with the option to receive a full refund if you decide it's not for you.

  2. âś“ Get a second program (business group, or Psychonauts group) for a total of $100. You will get the choice as you go through the shopping cart.

  3. âś“ Fill Out the Required Information: Complete the registration process by filling out detailed fields about your personal development experience and your current level of intuitive understanding. This helps us tailor the training to better suit your needs.

  4. ✓ Access Your Red Pill Training: Once registered, you will gain immediate access to essential Video training and additional bonus materials designed to develop sage mind, your intuitive and peaceful power source.

  5. âś“ Join Weekly Get-Togethers: Participate in our weekly live sessions to connect with other participants and delve deeper into intuition practices. If your schedule doesn't allow you to join live, you can always enjoy the recordings at your convenience.

Take the first step towards transforming your intuition into a powerful professional and personal tool.

There's no risk—only a chance to discover powerful insights. Enrol now and take the first step on a journey that promises to be as rewarding as it is enlightening, with zero risk and all to gain.

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About Your Instructor, Perry Mardon

Your facilitator, Perry Mardon, is a rare commodity in the world of intuition and human potential.

With a unique ability to bridge the gap between the sceptical and the spiritual, Perry predominantly works with rationalist, data-driven CEOs and owners of engineering, accountancy, and software businesses—individuals who are naturally sceptical of the 'non-rational'.

Perry's profound impact changes every one of these materialists' views on what is possible, exploring the depths of human potential and the power of intuition. His extensive experience spans working with a diverse range of individuals, from traumatised SAS soldiers and undercover detectives to criminals, sexual assault victims, sexual predators, and violent criminals, as well as people facing relationship challenges, teens, and professionals identifying purpose and navigating complex business and personal challenges.

Through his dynamic and transformative approach, Perry not only enlightens but also empowers his clients, enabling them to unlock new realms of understanding and capability that profoundly alter their perspective and approach to both life and business.


What People Are Saying

About the benefits of Perryś Strategic Thinking & Jaw dropping ability to see your subconscious business blocks within minutes of meeting you.   


Perry Mardon's Story

A Symphony of Contradictions and Awakening


Perry Mardon's story is a vivid portrait of dark and light, hate and love—a narrative sculpted from the rawest of contradictions, where brutal violence and profound awakenings converge in a life that defies the ordinary. From the challenging start within juvenile detention's confines to the liberating expanses of the world's greatest waves, sailing oceans, and the adrenaline of action sports, Perry has crafted a testament to resilience and transformation.

At 17, ensnared in violence and antisocial behavior, an unexpected encounter with a mentor heralded a seismic shift in Perry's path. This pivotal moment embarked him on a 37-year odyssey of meditation, shadow work, and profound self-exploration, culminating in a dramatic Kundalini awakening at 29. This experience unraveled his ego, revealing the multifaceted dance of existence and ushering him into extended periods of oneness

Parallel to his spiritual journey, Perry's insatiable appetite for adventure propelled him across the globe, indulging in surfing, sailing, rugby, long-distance running, and cycling. His adventures on the waves and rugby fields mirrored the intensity and depth of his interpersonal relationships, showcasing a life lived with unparalleled passion and commitment.

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Perry Broke the Mold

Merging rational critical thinking with deep psychological insights to become a renowned strategist.

Successful Entrepreneur

His guidance has led over 65 business owners to cultivate enterprises that flourish independently, while his own ventures like Perfect Home Services and Weird Barbies stand as testaments to his entrepreneurial spirit and strategic acumen.

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Understanding  Guide

Perry's exceptional ability to discern individuals' deepest blocks, purposes, and potentials has illuminated the paths of many, guiding them from darkness into light.

His work as a facilitator spans a remarkable range, touching the lives of SAS soldiers, undercover police, criminals, addicts, CEOs, and sports stars with profound empathy and transformative insight.

Inspirational  Speaker

As a Tedx speaker and a beacon for transformation within Australia's corporate scene, Perry delivers experiences that are not just informative but profoundly life-altering, characterised by his innate humor, playfulness, and deep-seated interest in the human condition.

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Overcoming  Challenges

Yet, at 54, a profound challenge struck— a surfing accident in Indonesia precipitated a debilitating physical collapse, where Perry was unable to use the left side of his body, and a car trip of 30 minutes would leave his nervous system crippled with trauma.

This period of intense physical limitation plunged Perry into another deep spiritual awakening, finding tranquility and essence in the midst of pain, transcending the physical and egoic self. As of writing Perry has brought his body back to 85 % capacity and is likely to have a full recovery.

Diverse  Interests

Perry's life is also enriched by his diverse interests, from the soulful strains of country music to the intellectual pursuits of geopolitics, science, and wisdom. These facets add depth to his multifaceted existence, a life that resonates with joy and inspiration drawn from the world's vast spectrum.

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Life's  Journey

The narrative of Perry Mardon is a compelling saga of navigating through life's stark contradictions—from the depths of darkness to the pinnacles of light, from chaos to peace, and from adversity to a profound awakening.

His journey underscores the indomitable spirit of a man who, in facing the abyss, discovered the keys to transcendence. Perry embodies the extraordinary potential within us all to confront life's profound contradictions and not merely survive but emerge profoundly transformed.

Connecting Personality

Known for his non-judgmental nature, Perry is celebrated for his fun, engaging teaching style, and his ability to connect deeply, making every interaction, whether in teaching, friendship, or work, a delightful and enriching experience.

Naturally funny, playful, and genuinely interested in people, Perry Mardon's life story is not just to be read but to be experienced, a journey that inspires, transforms, and enriches.

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What People Are Saying

stars stars stars stars stars

"Ignite has been completely life changing for me, in every area of my life. It's wise information. It's fantastic work, and also Perry is quite funny, and down-to-earth, as well. There's a lot of acceptance, a lot of love, a lot of connection between people. It's been a fantastic experience that I will always be grateful for."

Amanda Boyce
Gold Coast
stars stars stars stars stars

"I was struggling with my moods, health and my relationships. Ignite absolutely changed my relationships for the better. I am not reactive, and an interesting side benefit happened - Health issues (rashes, eczema, chronic fatigue) now under control and improved by 80%"

Melissa Heron,
presenter, model, yoga teacher, health practitioner
stars stars stars stars stars

"10/10 It is single-handedly the most powerful self development learning I have ever had in my life. I don't think I could speak highly enough of this man, this program and the work he does with you. Perry can identify your sabotages at the drop of a hat and the training is incredible and professional! Everything in my life has changed for the better, my relationships, my business is my purpose, my sense of self. "

Gabrielle Denman
stars stars stars stars stars

"My life was in shambles 6 months ago. I have lost weight (and kept it off), put myself on stage and became the princess that was always there but not allowed to shine. I have improved my relationships with people and feel more comfortable in my own skin."

Robyn Weston