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Create outstanding result, achieve goals without all the angst, fear, self doubt, inner turmoil. In fact 'achieve' from a state of deep love peace and grace with no attachment to outcome. When you KNOW you are a limitless being in a human body and personality, the game of life takes on a movie like quality - and you are set up to ACT and PLAY free of fear!

Below, you will find information about this life-changing book, Freedom From Your Mind's Bullshit. Following the book details, explore affordable options to join a community dedicated to the mind-transcending practices Perry teaches.


Welcome to an Exceptional Education

If you apply what I teach in this book diligently, it will completely transform your life and your results. When I first wrote this book in 2003, the teachings within it had already revolutionized my life.

Overcoming Adversity

This was no small feat, considering I was once an emotional cripple, in juvenile detention for constant violent offenses, and a victim of violent assaults and sexual abuse. Practicing these principles with dedication helped me overcome stubborn limiting beliefs and subconscious sabotages that previously hindered every area of my life, including my health, finances, and relationships. It significantly improved my mental and emotional states.

The 2024 Rewrite: More Transformative Power

Now, in the 2024 rewrite, I have much more to share about the transformational power of these teachings. The same practices that dismantled my old belief patterns and set me on a path of complete self-actualization—where I could express my innate strengths and gifts through my work—have now led me to transcend the personal mind/ego structure. I have experienced a stable and profound shift into 'I am' awareness, a state where I observe my mind and personality rather than being controlled by them.

The Common State of Mind

In comparison, most people are highly identified with their minds, their beliefs, and their emotions. They believe the narratives their minds create about themselves and the world. In 'I am' awareness, I see my personality as characters playing a role, which I can choose to engage with or let go. This awareness allows me to use my mind and personality effectively without being used by them. Triggers and old patterns are easily transcended by dropping them into this awareness, which inherently dissolves limiting beliefs and emotional reactions.

The State of 'I am' Awareness

'I am' awareness is a state of deep peace, where there is no aversion, grasping, or desire—everything is perfect in the moment. From this place, I experienced profound healing, even recovering from severe injuries that had limited my physical activities. My intuition, supercharged by 'I am' awareness, guided me to the right solutions when conventional methods failed. This state is not only healing but also empowering, enabling access to a superconscious level of awareness that transcends the personal mind.

Healing from Physical and Emotional Pain

For three years, due to massive injuries from several sporting accidents, I was unable to drive without massive trauma overwhelming my nervous system. I went from an active lifestyle, including surfing, running, yoga, and other action sports, to being stuck in the house with constant high levels of pain, unable to sit or stand for long, and doing tedious rehab exercises daily. With 'I am' awareness, I was not identified with my body or my loss of roles in the surfing and rugby communities. I observed the pain from a place of peace, and over time, I found the root causes of my physical issues and began to heal, regaining 90% to 95% of my previous capacity.

The Teachings of Great Spiritual Traditions

This awareness is what the major spiritual traditions and great teachers have pointed to. It allows us to create without fear, doubt, or insecurity, inspired to give from our true essence. From 'I am' awareness, we experience an unamenable and indescribable peace and joy, leading to a life free from impostor syndrome, low self-esteem, and inner criticism. We can witness our minds and the world like a movie, experiencing life with detachment from personal history and desires.

Practical Exercises and Teachings

As we move through this book, you will find practical exercises and teachings that will help you withdraw awareness from the mind and back into 'I am' awareness. Whether you are ready to transcend the personal mind/ego or just seek greater peace and success in your life, these practices will guide you. They helped me rewire my mind away from chronic anxiety long before I fully embraced 'I am' awareness.

Achieving Super-Productivity and Understanding

High achievers will become super-productive creation machines with boundless energy. Seekers will gain a deep understanding of human behavior and spirituality. And for those who have explored various self-help techniques and spiritual paths—like NLP, tapping, affirmations, breathing exercises, therapy, ayahuasca, LSD, and psilocybin—this book offers a superior approach to transcendence and a higher operating system. You will discover the limitations of these approaches, which have their place if you are identified with your mind, and why dropping your mind/ego is superior.

Equipping You for Success

This book will equip you with the knowledge and practices to achieve your goals, change your habits, and live a meaningful life. It is a compact guide filled with practical wisdom and self-mastery practices, aimed at making you a successful creator in business, relationships, and life. If you are into past lives, out-of-body experiences, other dimensions, frequencies, or alien races, you will find this book clarifying. While these phenomena exist, they often distract from true transcendence and become just more food for the mind.

Becoming a Successful Creator

Finally, the information in this book will make you a successful creator. You can achieve the results you want in business, relationships, and life. It will teach you about human behavior, personality, and consciousness, and if you are ready for it, 'I am' awareness.

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"This book completely changed my life. The teachings on 'I am' awareness are transformative!" - Jane D.

"I've tried everything from therapy to ayahuasca, but nothing compares to the insights in this book." - John S.

"Finally, a guide that delivers on its promises. My life has never been more peaceful and productive." - Sarah K.

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Dear Seeker,

You are here because you desire change. Whether it's achieving a goal, overcoming self-sabotage, or improving some aspect of your life, you seek transformation.

In this crowded marketplace of coaches, teachers, psychological professionals, NLP practitioners, and spiritual gurus, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. And you should, the market place is a veritable circus full of people who have not transcended their own mind promising people the world.

I'm here to offer you a different perspective based on my extensive experience. Let's start with this: stop trying to improve your mind using your mind.

Let me explain.

Nearly 40 years ago, I met my first teacher, who dramatically changed my life and introduced me to two lineages of training: a psycho-dynamic model (think Jung) and a Taoist meditation tradition. These practices were perfect for me, and for the past four decades, I've committed to them with unwavering diligence.

Through continuous practice, I have learned to witness my personal mind in all activities—whether working, walking, teaching, or surfing. As opposed to being identified as my mind, as my personality. 

"Personality is a mask you believe in."

- Dr. White

This practice has transformed my life profoundly. It's important to note that without deep, quality inner work, one remains fully identified with their personal mind, believing they are their thoughts and personality.

Please Note: Everyone who has not engaged in deep, quality 'inner work' practices that teach you to transcend the mind is fully identified with their mind and personality, believing they are their personal mind.

Everything changes once we identify with being the witness to the story, instead of the actor in it.

- Ram Dass

"Mind is consciousness which has put on limitations. You are originally unlimited and perfect. Later you take on limitations and become the mind."

- Ramana Maharshi

I am the 'I self' witnessing the mind, witnessing the world. The Taoist tradition taught me how to be the observer, while the psychodynamic model revealed the archetypes or sub-personalities within the personal mind.

The human psyche is not a single unit, but a complex system of sub-personalities, each with its own characteristic outlook and behaviors.

- Carl Jung

As a result of my dedication to witnessing the mind, and the archetypes and sub-personalities within the mind, not being identified with the mind, I improved my life in love, family, and business.


Because when you're beyond mind, you are beyond the sabotages and limitations of the mind. When you are beyond mind you life is a game you play moment to moment with no attachment! Yet, this was only a stage in my development. There was much more to come.

"To study the self is to forget the self. To forget the self is to be actualised by myriad things."

- Dogen

Consistent Practice in Every State of Mind

Witnessing the mind requires consistent practice in every state—working, driving, in meetings, or at parties. This practice allows you to transcend the mind and become a conscious observer.

Witnessing is one of the most important practices. By witnessing, you transcend the mind and become a watcher.

- Ram Dass

Through this process, one encounters every belief, archetype, sub-personality, and behavioral pattern within their psyche. This involves owning your shadow—the parts of yourself you repress or deny.

Radical honesty is crucial. Owning all behaviours and tendencies, even those the mind rejects, fosters high levels of emotional intelligence and self-mastery. This evolution transcends mere personal development, as it involves continuous witnessing and transcending behaviour patterns.

Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. If the repressed tendencies, the shadow as I call them, are acknowledged, they can be brought into harmony with the whole personality.

- Carl Jung


The integration of the shadow, or the realization of the personal unconscious, marks the first stage in the analytic process, which I have termed the ‘individuation process.’

- Carl Jung

This requires radical honesty...owning all the behaviours, drives and tendencies the mind does not want to own, in-fact wants to reject oneself for. 

This creates high levels of emotional intelligence and self-mastery over one's beliefs, personality, and behaviours.

It is ongoing evolution caused by transcending patterns of behaviour vs personal development - which is mind working in mind and is not nearly as effective (NOT EVEN CLOSE).

Witnessing the mind can be done in any state of mind (and must be—this is called becoming conscious).

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without."

- Buddha

From Anger and Violence to Peace and Love

Before I stabilised as observing awareness, these practices transformed my life. From a brutal, angry, and violent existence in juvenile detention, I evolved into a person who has travelled the world, built businesses, and, most importantly, learned to love and be loved. This journey helped me overcome chronic anxiety and develop meaningful relationships.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

- Carl Jung

Facing and integrating your shadow is essential for personal change. This involves feeling every repressed emotion and trauma. Getting safe, feeling uncomfortable emotions in the body, training your nervous system to handle what you have hidden from. 

For instance, an investor procrastinating out of fear of loss is controlled by a deep, subconscious terror. Recognising and confronting these fears is the first step towards transformation.

CHANGE HAPPENS THROUGH THE BODY not the intellect as the body is the seat of emotional belief patterns.

The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.

- Carl Jung

Transcending the Personal Mind

Transcending the personal mind is the ultimate goal. Every spiritual tradition speaks to the profound transformation that occurs when one goes beyond the limited ego.

The persona is that which in reality one is not, but which oneself as well as others think one is.

- Carl Jung

By detaching from my mind, I now live in a state of deep inner peace, rarely thinking of the future or the past. This tranquility arises from witnessing the mind, which is beyond the mind itself.

Watch the mind, witness it, and you will find that the observer is beyond the mind.

- Ram Dass

When you become the witness of your thoughts, you free yourself from the tyranny of those thoughts. You realize that you are not your thoughts; you are the awareness behind them.

- Deepak Chopra

When you transcend the mind, you are in, or you are that which watches the mind. And it has its own wonderful fragrance.

My staff can attest to my ability to remain unaffected by external circumstances, enjoying life with a relaxed, joyful, and loving demeanour.

Once the personal mind is transcended to any stabilised degree the mind is experienced as an ugly tormentor compared to the peace, love, and joy of the transcended mind.

At this stage many beliefs and emotional patterns of behaviour fall away as the mind is no longer indulged. THIS IS FAR MORE POWERFUL THAN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT WHICH HAS YOU TRYING TO IMPROVE YOUR MIND, FIX YOUR MIND!

The mind and one's personal identity is seen for what it is, a transitory state, a play, a bunch of programmed characters within the psyche. I am not them! These characters can't stand up to the power of the witness.

Rejecting Personal Development and Embracing Transcendence of Mind

Living beyond identification with the mind is the ultimate state of being. I have never followed the latest personal development trends, attended meditation retreats, or engaged in mind-change techniques. Instead, I've focused on deep practice and commitment to transcending the mind.

Put your thoughts to sleep, do not let them cast a shadow over the moon of your heart. Let go of thinking.

- Rumi

Your and my personal mind, the one we think we are, is just a garbage operating system for navigating life. Even with improvements, it remains a flawed and inefficient structure. Personal development may offer temporary relief, but true transformation comes from transcending the personal mind.

The noble-minded are calm and steady. Little people are forever fussing and fretting.

- Confucius

The Path of Undoing the Mind's Sense of Self-Importance

Meditation and witnessing the mind reveal its true nature. The personal mind hates meditation because it threatens its self-importance. Dropping this addiction is the most rewarding path, leading to profound inner peace, acceptance and kindness.

Meditation is a way of bringing yourself to the present moment. The mind lives in the past and the future, but meditation can bring you to the now.

- Osho

The personal mind constantly criticizes and judges, driven by fear and programmed rules. It projects all past traumas into the present moment, undermining your ability to live freely. Recognizing this is crucial for true self-awareness and growth.

The personal mind is garbage and a useless operating structure. So is mine!

- Ram Dass

The Illusion of Self-Worth and Fear

The personal mind contains an internal judge, always ensuring you adhere to societal rules. This judge is driven by fear—fear of loss, ridicule, and not being accepted. Recognising and detaching from this judge frees you from its constraints.

When you go out into the woods, and you look at trees, you see all these different trees. And some of them are bent, and some of them are straight, and some of them are evergreens. And you look at the tree and you allow it. You appreciate the tree. The minute you get near humans, you lose all that. And you are constantly saying, ‘You are too this, or I’m too this.’ That judgement mind comes in. And so I practice turning people into trees. Which means appreciating them just the way they are.

- Ram Dass

People-pleasing games end when you become loving awareness. You no longer need external validation and can move through life with genuine love and acceptance.

Beyond the Fixed Personal Mind

Even with coaching or therapy, a fixed personal mind remains filled with anxiety, greed, and fear. True transformation requires transcending the mind and connecting to something infinitely wiser and more beautiful.

If you realise that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to. If you aren't afraid of dying, there is nothing you can't achieve.

- Huang Po

The Logical Mind: A Useful Tool

While the personal mind is flawed, the logical mind is a valuable tool for critical thinking and planning. Once you transcend the personal mind, you can harness the power of the logical mind without the constraints of the personal mind and ego (which manipulates intellect in service of ego).

The mind is a beautiful servant, but a dangerous master.

- Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Operating Beyond the Personal Mind - The Ultimate Operating System

The ultimate operating system is 'I am awareness.' This state is free of fear, desire, and negativity, allowing you to create from a place of peace and stillness. It empowers you to achieve your true potential without the limitations of the personal mind.

When you operate from 'I am awareness,' you experience an ongoing flow state, intuition, and a natural desire to give and create.

Your goals become expressions of your true self, free from the need for validation. Transcending the mind gives you access to incredible levels of intuition, leading to better decision-making.

You'll excel as a business person, investor, or in any endeavour you pursue. Without the interference of a wounded, fear-filled mind, your actions are guided by clarity and wisdom WHICH IS YOUR NATURAL STATE in witness awareness.

The mind is a beautiful servant, but a dangerous master.

- Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

By letting go of the personal mind, you unlock your full potential, making spiritual transcendence not only a path to inner peace but also a key to improved results in all areas of life.

The True Nature of Love

True love arises when the personal mind is transcended. The personal mind cannot love—it is a fear-filled machine. When you transcend the mind, you become loving awareness, free from judgment and full of tolerance and acceptance.

You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.

- Eckhart Tolle

In summary, by living beyond the mind, you experience true freedom and joy. Your creativity flourishes, and you engage with the world from a place of love and peace. I invite you to embark on this transformative journey and see beyond the noise.

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